Top Talent Summit - Canada's Iconic Talent Acquisition / HR Leadership Conference
Top Talent Summit 2017
Canada’s iconic Talent Acquisition & HR Leadership Conference!



  1. Who should attend this summit?
    Answer: If you’re an HR/Talent Acquisition leader, this summit is specially designed for you. You’ll not only enhance your leadership skills to help you solve challenges of tomorrow, but you’ll also take away leading insights on recruiting and retaining top talent from the world’s top brands including Microsoft, General Electric, and HubSpot! If you’re a recruiter, this is your rare opportunity to master recruiting skills that will carry you into the future and ensure that you remain a valuable asset in your organization!

  2. What’s the ROI (Return on Investment) on this summit?
  3. Answer: If you’re an HR/Talent Acquisition leader, you can look forward to saving tens of thousands—if not millions—of dollars per year by putting into practice the skills and knowledge you’ll gain from this summit. For example, if you tend to hand recruitment of your C-Suite roles to external executive search firms that drain your budget every year, you’ll be prepared to stop doing that after attending the Top Talent Summit keynote titled “How to Build an Internal Search Firm” by Nina Johal, Microsoft’s Sr. Director of Global Executive Talent Acquisition. On the other hand, if you’re a VP of HR, you can look forward to creating a winning corporate culture by attending two sessions by Jenny Blake, Co-creator of Google’s career guru coaching program! Lastly, if you’re a recruiter, you’ll gain confidence in recruiting top talent for every position including all of your hard-to-fill roles!

  4. What’s the difference between VIP and regular pass?
    Answer: If you want to meet our selected keynote speakers at an exclusive VIP strategy session and walk away with a real solution for one talent issue you’re facing right now, then pick the VIP pass, which is available to HR and Talent Acquisition leaders only. The VIP pass includes a VIP strategy session on Tuesday, May 23rd at 5:00 pm plus gives you access to the full conference. If you’re not an HR or Talent Acquisition leader, choose the regular pass, which gives you access to the full conference minus the VIP strategy session.

2017 Keynote Speakers