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5:30​ ​-8:30​ ​PMVIP Strategy Session for VIP Pass Holders Only

The VIP pass grants you access to an exclusive VIP strategy session including a VIP-only dinner on Wednesday, May 9th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. In addition to complete access to the rest of the conference, this is your opportunity to meet selected keynote speakers who will provide you with an actionable solution to one talent challenge you’re currently facing. Secure your VIP pass today because​ ​​space​ ​is limited​ ​to​ ​only​ ​40​ ​participants​.
8:30​ ​AMRegistration
9:00​ ​AM I Want You to WIN
Speaker: Susanne Biro, Sr. Leadership Coach, Author and Forbes contributor

What attracts the very best professionals? What then engages their highest performance, year after year after year? What is leadership if not the ability to work extraordinarily well with and through others? And, what if the “war for talent” doesn’t need to be a war?

Countless organizations today are striving to create a learning, feedback-rich coaching culture, one filled with creative leaders who positively attract, engage, and inspire their organizations’ very best talent. Let’s talk about what we can all do to foster this kind of culture, one in which we are coaches for each other, with the tacit message underneath all we do being simply this: “I want you to win!”

9:45​ ​AM The ROI for Investing in Your People
Speaker: Ashira Gobrin, Senior Vice President, People & Culture at Wave

When it comes to Learning and Development, the most frequently asked question is how to get budget to invest in learning initiatives for employees.

The answer is really simple - measure and demonstrate the value, and budget is a easy to access. In this session, Ashira will share her experience in building high performance teams through developing people and leaders. She will give you ways to quantify the ROI you get from investing in employee development in meaningful ways. Engaged employees drive company performance. It's as simple as that. (And by engagement, she doesn't mean Ping Pong Tables or corner offices)

Hiring the best and leaving them to do their job - gets you great individual contributors. Then invest heavily in the ones that show leadership potential and give them the space to shine. That's the secret to a high performing team and those shining stars are the highlights of Ashira's career.

Key​ ​takeaways:
•​ ​Creative ways to approach L&D with little and big budgets
•​ ​Quantifying the results of your investments with some real examples
•​ ​How to make the case for budget to invest in your people that can’t be refused
10:30​ ​AMCoffee​ ​Break
10:45​ ​AM Cut Employee Turnover by 40% or more
Speaker: Richard Finnegan, Author & CEO, C-Suite Analytics

Employee turnover continues to rocket while employee engagement is stuck. Our solutions are stale and ineffective, yet we trudge on with engagement surveys, and exit surveys, and their resulting ones-size-fits-all programs expecting different results. Predictably, though, our results remain the same.

This session brings “fresh thinking”, says BusinessWeek magazine, contained in a new way to address engagement and retention. And that new way is business-driven. OUT are employee surveys/exit surveys/employee-of-the-month/more team meetings/and more events with food. IN are converting turnover to dollars, establishing retention goals, conducting stay interviews, forecasting turnover, and then holding leaders accountable for their goals and forecasts.

Leave this session with this same “fresh thinking” that has helped organizations cut turnover by 40% and more in the first six months, with business-driven solutions.

11:30​ ​AMThought​ ​Leadership​ ​Presentations​ ​from​ ​Sponsors
12:00​ ​PMLunch
1:00​ ​PM Creating a Culture of Innovation - a Simple Story
Speaker: Grant Shaw, VP, Corporate Strategy & Culture at National Leasing

The pace of change can be overwhelming, and trying to keep on top of all the latest and greatest things can have you spinning in a hundred different directions. On top of all this, customer expectations are changing overnight, and even more challenging are the expectations of employees.

With innovation being top of mind for every company – big or small – organizations are being challenged to change the way they do business, or fall behind and lose talent.

Creating a Culture of Innovation – a simple story is about National Leasing’s innovation journey, the challenges and opportunities they’ve faced and how the company took a systems approach towards changing its culture and re-engaging employees.

2:00​ ​PM From Data Reporting to Data Driven – HR’s Journey in the Digital Transformation
Speaker: Cherise Mendoza, VP of HR at Microsoft Canada

We live and work in the age of big data and it is easier than ever to access and leverage this data to make better and more well-informed business and programmatic decisions. When used effectively, data enables us to provide stronger insights and more comprehensive analyses of what’s happening—or could happen.

Join Cherise Mendoza, Vice President of HR for Microsoft Canada as she discusses HR’s role in the digital transformation and how Microsoft HR is harnessing the power of information to make data-driven HR decisions that help inform decision making and generate insights that make a positive impact on the business.

Key​ ​takeaways:
● Understanding the data you have and making it relevant
● Skilling up yourself and your HR team to leverage data effectively
● Generating data insights and using them to influence business decisions
3:00​ ​PMTradeshow
3:30​ ​PM Don’t Use The 9-Box: Use This Instead
Speaker: Amanda Knight, Director of Marketing & Development at McCoy Global

Do your leaders assess their talent using bias and pigeon holes? Are your high potentials really awesome or just the larger fishes in a small pond?

Amanda shares the journey that led her and the People & Culture team at McCoy Global to design and implement a whole new Succession Planning process, and an alternative Talent Review model to the 9-Box, from scratch.

Key​ ​takeaways:
● A talent model for our time: Forget 9 boxes, think 4 runways
● How we use our ‘Talent Runways’ to identify future succession gaps and development needs, and to engage and retain our fabulous employees
4:15 ​PMGrowing your Rising Stars – Differentiation, Selection, and Development of HIPOs
Speaker: Mark Luceri, VP, Organizational Development at McCain Foods

Every organization has them: Rising Stars. It’s important to identify them early and manage them properly. We need to develop and grow their careers differently. In this 45-minute session, you’ll learn how identify high potential employees and ensure that they are driving your business results.

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How much is low employee engagement costing your company right now? How many of your best and brightest leave your company because they simply don’t see any benefit in staying? How many of your employees are struggling to reach their full potential in a workplace culture that’s plagued by outdated talent processes? A lack of modernized talent development, engagement and retention processes may already be costing you a great deal.
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What is ​the ​difference ​between ​the ​VIP ​and ​Regular ​pass?

The VIP pass grants you access to an exclusive VIP strategy session including a VIP-only dinner on Wednesday, May 9th from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. In addition to complete access to the rest of the conference, this is your opportunity to meet selected keynote speakers who will provide you with an actionable solution to one talent acquisition challenge you’re currently facing. If you’re a talent acquisition leader, secure your VIP pass today because space is limited to only 40 participants.


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