Dorothy Wolentarski |

Dorothy Wolentarski

Leader, Strategic Talent Acquisition Projects | Intact

Breakout Session Speaker

Simply put, I love what I do—bringing marketing and recruitment together in one powerful voice.  I started my career at the agency level and spent six years building the foundation for where I am today. That experience ignited my passion for recruitment.  I took my next step into the corporate world for over six years where I used my recruitment know-how and helped organizations streamline their recruitment practice.  I have a natural curiosity about technology and as an early adopter of social media, I started looking  at the relationship between marketing and recruitment through the same lense.  I’ve been fortunate to work for organizations that believed in my vision that marketing and recruitment, when partnered, have an extraordinary ability to tell a story that resonates with candidates in a real human way.  This is where I became hooked.  Today, I help companies find their recruitment voice through strategic talent acquisition initiatives including:  developing campus recruitment strategies, using technology to automate recruitment processes, building the recruitment brand through various social media channels and finally measuring and analyzing what it all means.

When I’m not researching or meeting with like-minded people, you’ll find me on a squash court or a foreign patio taking the city in.