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Kristin Constable

Founder | Winning Defined By You

Breakout Session Speaker

Kristin Constable is the Founder of Winning Defined by You. She is an ACC Leadership and Business Coach, Values Driven Learning and Development Specialist, and Team and Systems Coach.

Kristin works with organizations, entrepreneurs and business leaders to bring values driven leadership into their lives and into the companies they work in. She has been coaching and in the field or learning and development for the past ten years and in this time has supported organizations build award winning coaching and leadership cultures that not only support the strength of the organizations but that support the growth and development of each individual within the organization.

Kristin’s passion is values driven leadership and coaching. She believes that when leaders are connected to, and operating from, their authentic leadership purpose their impact will transform not only their organizations but all areas of their lives, producing Whole Life Leadership wins.